Niles Heckman is a life consultant + documentarian.

His lower self lives life currently being a male sovereign human in the third dimensional realm. He documents life as a documentary photographer & filmmaker and consults about life as a student of spiritual philosophy.

Taking international street photography is one of his main loves. Since it’s all about love and not fear because fear puts your consciousness in a tiny box. Not to put fake hierarchy on anything but this is a gallery of his favorite personal work. He takes photos for himself. Hence, this is the main location you will find these works and not primarily on draining lifestyle social photo apps ultimately only designed to chase followers.

You're more than welcome to contact him via his e-mail and you can find out more about him and his projects, of which Philosophical Photography is one, at his official site www.nilesheckman.com.



Here's an explination of what philisophical photography is to Niles:


Also, ponder this - You’re not here to do well in school so you can get a piece of paper to then convince someone else you’re qualified enough to be their life long wage slave in a “career” of indentured servitude. Nor are you here to create nothing outside of procreation by being a Capitalist breeder helicopter parent who’s offspring inevitably just continues the work, eat, sleep, repeat cycle of gangster commerce.

Your soul transited here to discover your true life path this time around so you can maximize your creativity while thus learning and growing. So source can then come to further know itself and because your character, conduct, and soul growth are all that you take with you in the end.



This site fractals out from the San Francisco Bay Area inside the Republic of California within the United States of America (not the all capital UNITED STATES corporation) on the Gaian mother Earth. Which is apparently saturated by the Milky Way Galaxy. Or so NASA tells us. 



Time does not exist. There is only now.



This site constitutes one man’s philosophical observations on life and humanity via his documentary photography. With a bit of humor mixed in to help bypass your imperial conditioning. Philosophy means wisdom which if you have no attainment is considered all that “funny stuff” talk which you don’t understand. Minus any woo of course.

While so much of culture and workplaces are illusory, what happens on the streets conveys a bit more of reality. Even though its not completely real since 5-since exoteric material reality ultimately isn’t real either and life is but a dream.

All walks of society, regardless of economic class, share the public spaces and one documents the human condition via capturing those chance encounters. Your internal reality will reflect elements of yourself back to you in your external environment, so documenting those “random” incidents is of great reward since there are no coincidences.